Create realistic and sustainable self-care practices for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Learn 6 vital self-care principles proven to reduce stress and improve health and wellness outcomes.

Life Ideals™ ProgramCounseling

Life Ideals™ Program

Life Ideals is a personal, individualized health plan that integrates 6 essential self-care practices. These practices are proven time and again to reduce stress and increase resiliency. They include relaxation, social support, thought restructuring, sleep hygiene, physical activity, and nutrition.


The role of a therapist is to listen and to be a witness to your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Many people feel that the healing process begins when they have a trusted “neutral” person to speak their stories.


You will meet weekly to receive support and assistance to develop a self-care plan to reduce stress and improve your overall health and well-being.   Life Ideals provides a structure to work toward creating healthy habits to support your journey to wellness.

Improve Health, Build Resilience, Increase Joy

Taking good care of ourselves is vital to our Long-Term Health, and Lifestyle Changes can be challenging. The Life Ideals™ Program uses proven practices for the essential self-care we all need. Learn strategies to make, and sustain, lasting lifestyle change! Leave each week feeling hopeful, happy, relaxed and refreshed!

How It Works: Life Ideals™ self-care practices will be outlined throughout 6 weekly 2-hour group sessions. Each week, participants will engage in one hour of interactive instruction and group discussion. A one-hour Restorative Yoga class will follow. Restorative Yoga is calming and relaxing to the body; no previous yoga experience is required. To sign up for the next group, click here.

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We want to join you on your path to wellness and help you achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle!

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