Life Ideals Group Description

  • Improve Health

  • Build Resilience

  • Increase Joy

Taking good care of ourselves is vital to our Long-Term Health, and Lifestyle Changes can be challenging. Life Ideals™ uses proven practices for the vital self-care we all need. Learn strategies to make, and sustain, lasting lifestyle change!

Leave each week feeling hopeful, happy, relaxed and refreshed!

How It Works

Life Ideals™ self-care practices will be outlined throughout 6 weekly workshops.
The six core self-care practices are: Relaxation, Social Support, Thought Restructuring, Sleep, Physical Activity, and Nutrition.

Each week, participants will be invited to engage in group discussion and interactive instruction for a 90-minute session.
A one-hour Restorative Yoga class will follow the group discussion & interactive instruction.
Restorative Yoga is calming and relaxing to the body; no previous yoga experience is required.
Please wear comfortable clothing each week.

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