Life Ideals

Life Ideals™ Program

Elevate your well-being with the Life Ideals™ Program

Focusing on self-care and personal growth is more than a luxury in today’s fast-paced world. It’s a necessity. 

Unique Assessment

I carefully created the Life Ideals™ Program to guide you to holistic well-being.

The core of the Life Idealsprogram lies in its unique assessment process, designed to pinpoint your specific self-care needs across six vital practices:

  1. Relaxation
  2. Thought Restructuring
  3. Social Connection
  4. Sleep
  5. Physical Activity
  6. Nutrition

By starting with a comprehensive self-care assessment, you’ll gain valuable insights into where you stand and what areas need attention, paving the way for meaningful and manageable change.

Combining online learning and individual counseling

The program’s unique combination of online learning and personalized support will enable you to craft a life that’s not only successful but deeply satisfying.

Online Learning Center

The online learning center offers a comprehensive, insightful introduction to Life Ideals, teaching you how to align your daily actions with your deepest values and aspirations. From thought restructuring to physical wellness, each module is a step towards a more resilient, fulfilling life.

Personalized Guidance and Support

Your online learning journey will be accompanied by three personalized counseling or support sessions. I’ll listen, do my best to understand you, and work with you to address specific concerns identified in your assessment. My supportive and collaborative approach will help you gently overcome barriers, boost your motivation, and equip you with tools to create sustainable lifestyle adjustments.

The program’s personalized approach ensures your path to personal growth is tailored just for you. You’ll gain practical tools and strategies to enhance your lifestyle, whether seeking peace of mind, stronger social bonds, or physical vitality.

This program is more than just learning; it’s about evolving. It’s about prioritizing your values and creating meaningful intentions that motivate change. 

Imagine setting goals that resonate with your core values and witnessing the positive transformation in your daily life. 

The program empowers you to become the architect of your well-being, build resilience, and lead a life aligned with your greatest aspirations.

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Purchase the Online Course

Step 2: Join the Life Ideals online community

Step 3: Book a free initial 20 minute consultation with Karen

Step 4: Schedule your personal counseling or support sessions

*Please note counseling and support session fees are not included in the online course fee.
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