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Life Ideals Workbook

Your guide to deep, meaningful self-care and holistic well-being 


Embrace your well-being journey with the Life Ideals Workbook, crafted to guide you through a transformative self-care process.

This is more than just a workbook— it was born from my experiences as a social worker and nurtured through my professional and personal journey in lifestyle medicine. I created  this workbook to be your guide and companion on a transformative journey towards intentional self-care, health and happiness.

The workbook begins with a self-assessment to gauge your starting point. As you progress through each module, you’ll engage with content that educates, exercises that challenge, and reflection prompts that encourage introspection.

This workbook is available for purchase for just $27.
  1. Cultivate Holistic Self-Care Practices: I’ve distilled essential self-care elements—Relaxation, Thought Restructuring, Social Connection, Sleep, Physical Activity, and Nutrition—into practical, everyday strategies. This workbook teaches you how to seamlessly integrate these practices into your life, not only to alleviate stress but to enhance your overall resilience.
  2. Embark on a Journey of Personal Empowerment: Through carefully designed activities, reflective journaling, and introspective tasks, you’ll challenge old patterns and embrace new perspectives. Each page encourages you to explore deeper into your own narrative, helping you to unlock a profound sense of self-awareness and empowerment.
  3. Achieve Lasting Change and Balance: My approach goes beyond temporary fixes. I aim to help you make self-care a natural and intuitive part of your daily routine, ensuring that the changes you make are sustainable and beneficial long-term. This workbook is designed to grow with you, adapting to your evolving needs and circumstances.

Hi, I’m Karen. As a licensed clinical social worker and health coach based in southern Maine, I have dedicated my career to enhancing the well-being of others by encouraging others to care from themselves. My professional journey has taught me the critical importance of integrating therapeutic compassion with actionable lifestyle medicine. In this workbook, I share with you the strategies that have profoundly impacted my life and the lives of those I’ve worked with.

Take the First Step Today

Start your journey of redefining your emotional and physical well-being – one page, one practice, one day at a time. I am here to guide you as you make intentional self-care a fundamental part of your everyday life.

For just $27, you can start your journey to a more vibrant, balanced, and joyful life. This workbook isn’t just about reading—it’s about transforming and thriving by gaining knowledge and doing easy to follow tasks. 

If after you have purchased the workbook you have any questions or feel you would benefit from more support implementing the strategies, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation.

Begin your journey to a happier, healthier life

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