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Physician Associate Peer Support Group

Take your power back

Physician Associate, heal thyself -and be held and hold space for your peers to do the same.

Karen Lane, LCSW
Cara Crosby, MPAS, PA-C

We understand that as PA’s you were taught to put your feelings and needs aside to care for your patients. In a single day,  you’re expected to make complex medical decisions, hold space for a patient to process their new cancer diagnosis, or listen as someone tells you with tears streaming down their face about the loss of their child. Often, when you go above and beyond for your patients, it is at the expense of your well-being- skipping lunch, spending the time to have the important conversation, and then being left with charts and lab results to finish at 9 pm. Your jobs require high-level decision-making while often neglecting your own emotions and needs.

Take your power back in this supportive group. Join us, a therapist and PA, passionate about empowering clinicians to learn about their feelings and needs so that we may show up for ourselves and our peers as much as we show up for our patients. Karen will teach us Nonviolent Communication – a tool that empowers us to name our own feelings and needs while communicating with honesty and kindness. Cara will lead practices and meditations on self-compassion- a necessary tool for feeling the emotional backlog that many of us have as clinicians. All of you will learn how to hold space for your peers and be held by your peers who really understand what our profession demands of us. The social connection of the group and the empathy created amongst peers who genuinely understand the challenges of being a clinician will be the medicine we all need.

Note: Our group is a great place for peer support and self-growth, but it’s not a replacement for professional medical or mental health care. We’re here to complement your well-being journey, not substitute for specialized help when you need it; therefore, we will not enter into a patient-provider relationship with participants.

Our next cohort dates will be announced soon.

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