Sleep is an active and complex process; a biological need that is part of being human.

Our habits, environments, and practices can be referred to as our sleep hygiene. If we are habitually feeling tired, we can change our routine to promote healthy, restful sleep and to ensure adequate rest that will keep our minds and bodies healthy and strong.

My bedroom is an environment that is conducive to sleep, and I only use my bedroom for sleep related activities.

In our increasingly multi-tasking, technologically connected world, it can be hard to draw boundaries between different areas of our lives. To achieve restful sleep, it’s important that we create an environment that is conducive to sleep and is only used for related activities. When we enter that space, it signals our brains that the day is done, that we are separated from the daily stresses of our lives, and that it’s time to rest. Research has shown that when we use our bedrooms for activities not related to sleep, it’s harder for our brains to recognize that we are ready to rest when we go to bed.

If you cannot fall asleep within twenty minutes of going to bed, try getting out of bed and performing a relaxing activity such as reading, knitting, doing breathing exercises or yoga stretches. Make sure that you use dim lights as you’re trying to wind down; exposure to bright lights during this time can stimulate you and make sleep harder to achieve. Once you begin to feel drowsy, return to bed. If you awaken during the night and cannot fall back to sleep, try the same routine.

Poor Sleep Hygiene

People with poor sleep hygiene have difficulty sleeping because of their lifestyle. In fact, many people are not aware of their sleep debt, and this can be as dangerous as operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. If the effects of sleep deprivation can have such large consequences, imagine how better people would function during the school or work day if they corrected their problem.

Sleep deprivation has a direct effect on our immune function. It is easier to catch a cold, get the flu or negatively affect our bodies’ natural ability to heal if we are habitually tired. We have the ability to make positive changes in our behavior that will allow us to get the rest we need. The Life Ideals program provides you with the essential tools to get your sleep back on track.


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