Physical Activity for Healthy Living

Are you able to increase your heart rate daily? Human bodies are built to move around, and all of our muscles feel and work their best when they are active. Regular physical activity has been proven to actively reduce stress and depression. Just letting the adrenaline hang out in our bodies causes us to feel jittery, sick or restless. Movement is the best way to burn off extra energy our bodies’ produce.

Physical Activity is any activity that increases your heart rate. While it is best to participate in an activity you enjoy, it need not be formal or organized. Yoga, walking, jogging, playing tag with your kids, bicycling, swimming, and dancing are some great examples of physical activity.

OPTIMAL – 30 minutes of physical activity per day. GOOD – 30 minutes of physical activity per day that is broken up into 3 ten minute portions.

If you’re beginning an exercise program, tell your family and friends that you are exercising and that you would like their support and encouragement. Work with a health coach to create a home gym, or find a local gym where you feel comfortable—there may even be a gym that’s available to you at work. With your health coach or trainer, set reasonable and achievable goals, and work towards them in small, doable steps, keeping in mind that some activity is better than none.

The Life Ideals program provides weekly Tai Chi and Qigong classes to help you get the necessary physical activity required for healthy living.  See our Events page.

Physical Activity

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