Feeling overwhelmed? Low energy?

Chronic Pain? Finding it hard to focus?

You want to feel better. You’ve tried to feel better. You did not get the desired results but you know you can feel better. You want to know how.

  • Life Ideals will help you create a health plan that will be sustainable for you.
  • We all have more power to heal ourselves than we know. Life Ideals will help you connect with your own power to become the best that you can be.
  • LIFE IDEALS is 6 integrative self-care practices that are proven to reduce stress and increase resiliency:
    • Relaxation, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Social Support, Thought Restructuring and Sleep.

Life Ideals Health Coaching

Our medical providers advise us to make lifestyle changes. Our challenge is how do we implement it. The Life Ideals integrative health-coaching program can help because it revolves around the six integrative practices that are recommended by your doctor.

Life Ideals is a holistic and integrative model. The six self-care practices encompass a well-rounded facet of mind/body medicine, and all six self-care practices affect change in one or more of the other self-care practices. Therefore, as you can see in the diagram below each area is equal and integrated. When you are working on one self-care practice you are automatically making progress in other areas as well.

Life Ideals Interconnected circles

The Life Ideals program utilizes a self-evaluation tool that effectively creates a starting point for your personalized health-coaching program. Health coaching can be an individual process or in a group setting.  You will meet once a week to receive support and assistance to develop a self-care plan to reduce stress and improve your overall health and well-being.   Life Ideals provides a structure to work toward creating healthy habits to support your journey to wellness.

Individual Health Coaching Sessions

    • The Life Ideals Health Coaching Program is 6 weeks in length.
    • Each week we will meet for one hour in person or via Skype.
    • The first session is an intake session and can last up to an hour and a half.  We will review the Health Coaching Agreement, Health History and initial Life Ideals Graphing tool (see forms below).  Utilizing these documents, we will explore patterns and barriers to creating healthy habits of self-care for your life.
    • You will be asked to create Intentions or ‘homework’ for the week. Your Health Coach will check-in with you  between sessions via email. You will also receive additional resources to use as you find useful.
    • The cost of a 6-week the Life Ideals Health Program is $850.

Contact us today to sign up for individual health coaching or to join a group.

Health Coach Training

Health coach training is valuable for doctors, nurses, and other health and wellness leaders as well as businesses, schools and organizations. After becoming a trained health coach you will be able to support client’s in changing lifestyle behaviors and developing their six self-care practices in order to reduce stress levels and improve overall health outcomes. Our Integrative Health Coach Training combines the six Life Ideals, Motivational Interviewing and the Stages of Change model to train individuals in the increasingly popular service of health-coaching. All three methods are evidenced based and proven to be effective. Our health coach training consists of 40 hours of training that include three 9-hour days, one 3-hour evening, and four 2.5-hour evenings. If you would like more information on our training program or would like to sign up for the upcoming class, please contact us today!

Health Coach Training with Life Ideals in Lewiston, Maine

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