Consider what it would be like without self-doubt and less worry. Consider enjoying a moment for the experience instead of re-visiting experiences over and over in your mind by allowing your thoughts to spin stories that often begin with

“what if . . .” “I should have . . .” and “if only . . .”

The role of a therapist or counselor is not to be in the middle of troubles and is not about giving advice or telling someone what to do. The role of a therapist is to listen and to be a witness to your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Many people feel that once they have a trusted “neutral” person to speak their stories to at that point they have begun the process of healing. There are no magic cures with counseling, but it becomes a work in progress.

Counseling is not about re-living the past but it is about talking about what is present for you. At times, what is present for you may lead to talking about past experiences. Often times these past experiences are linked to the root of the current unproductive thought patterns that are affecting your present. The important thing to remember is that you will guide the process.

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