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Creating Realistic and Sustainable Self-Care Practices for Happier and Healthier Lifestyles.

Life Ideals is an integrative health care practice that provides a variety of services that promote stress reduction and self-care practices.
Life Ideals has significantly expanded services over the years to include:

Our Method

Life Ideals focuses on creating personalized and individualized health plans that are flexible, achievable, and sustainable.

The Venn diagram to the right shows how the six life ideals are connected. When progress is made in one area of self-care, progress is made in other areas as well. This model allows clients to choose their own self-care path by improving the life ideals they are most comfortable with while at the same time improving other areas of self-care.

Life Ideals can help you to:

  • Increase self awareness
  • Create time for self care
  • Lower stress levels
  • Boost your immunity and resiliency
  • Allow you to address your needs
  • Alleviate physical discomforts
  • Design a strategy to accomplish your goals
  • Lead a happy and healthy lifestyle
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