Life Ideals – What does your ideal life look like?

What does your ideal life look like? If you’re like most of us, it’s one in which you have the ability to be your best self, one in which your body feels good, your spirit feels buoyant, and you enjoy the freedom of good physical and mental health. In our increasingly busy and fast-paced world, this ideal can feel distant and difficult to achieve. Our energy is depleted by the demands of work and home, and by the pressure to stay “plugged in” to the chatter of the information age. Our work often keeps us indoors, isolated from the natural world and its rhythms. Even as we try to make healthy food choices, dietary recommendations shift with exhausting frequency, leaving us confused and unsure of the best diets for our families. When we do make lifestyle changes, we want results to be immediate, and are frustrated and discouraged when this isn’t the case. As we care for those around us, it’s easy to forget to care for ourselves. Life Ideals is a personal, individualized health plan that integrates 6 essential self-care practices. These practices are proven time and again to reduce stress and increase resiliency. They include relaxation, social support, thought restructuring, sleep hygiene, physical activity, and nutrition. This list shouldn’t be surprising—really, it’s just common sense. But the majority of people in our society would have trouble saying that they’d mastered the list. One reason for this is that we live in a society that does not place high value on self-care. While we are taught from a young age to care for others, we are also given... read more